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Brain Metabolics

Maintaining mental health and performance until old age is of increasing importance in our fast-paced society.

The Brain Metabolics concept is based on the scientific knowledge that the decline in physical and mental performance depends to a large extent on lifestyle and the declining energy metabolism of the brain.


The blood-brain barrier (BBB) and disturbances in its function represent a key factor in supplying the brain.



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The blood-brain barrier (BBB) seals the central nervous system from the rest of the body. Any nutrient that is to enter the brain must be actively transported across the blood-brain barrier.

Without a functioning blood-brain barrier, there is no assured supply of nutrients to the nerve cells in the brain, no matter what nutrients are added to the body.


Brain Metabolics products are designed to provide highly specific support for the supply of nutrients to the brain through their composition on the one hand and the activation of the transporters at the blood-brain barrier on the other, thus helping to improve brain performance and memory.


more about the blood-brain barrier


Video on the blood-brain barrier

Video and interview with Prof. Dr. Christian Noe

The various product lines contain a nutrient mix individually tailored to different life and metabolic situations to optimize cell metabolism. There is a suitable product for every age and every requirement!



The Basic product line focuses on the basic amino acid arginine. Basic products support the basic supply of the nervous system and maintain performance with a balanced basic metabolism.

They are therefore also suitable for younger people. The Basic product line focuses on the amino acids arginine and methionine.

Im Mittelpunkt der Produktlinie-Basic steht die basische Aminosäure Arginin. Basic-Produkte unterstützen die Grundversorgung des Nervensystems und erhalten die Leistungsfähigkeit bei ausgewogenem Grundstoffwechsel. Damit sind sie auch für jüngere Menschen geeignet. Im Mittelpunkt der Produktlinie Basic stehen die Aminosäuren Arginin und Methionin.

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The Drive line contains the spermidine precursor complex as a central element. Spermidine plays an important role in energy metabolism and in the renewal process of cells. Drive supports people who must cope with a high workload: in learning, sports or work.

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When a decline in memory performance becomes apparent, Product Line Balance stabilizes nerve cells by supporting apoptosis-inhibiting methyl group metabolism.

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Brain Metabolics products should be as uncomplicated as possible and adapted to individual needs. Therefore, the products of the different product lines are offered in different forms and flavours as drops (for chewing or sucking), instant mix for making drinks and as powder sticks for sweetening.

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