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The power product with the Spermidine Precursor Complex.

The components of Brain Metabolics Drive have a metabolism-stimulating effect, promote energy metabolism and cell regeneration. In this product line, the basic composition of Brain Metabolics products is supplemented by the

Spermidine Precursor Complex. 

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In Brain Metabolics Drive products, in addition to the typical combination of transport activator and nutrients, the building blocks for spermine and spermidine are supplied to the body via the spermidine precursor complex so that these key metabolic regulators can be produced by the body as needed.

Who should take Brain Metabolics Drive?

The Drive line fires up the power plants of the cell and stimulates metabolic processes. The products are especially suitable for people who have high demands. They bring power, no matter whether you are studying, doing sports or working. But they also stimulate the basal metabolic rate when metabolic activity begins to decline - so they are also a good choice for people over midlife.

Autophagy and Longevity

Spermidine has become a famous molecule in recent years. Spermidine is repeatedly mentioned together with the terms "autophagy and "longevity". Autophagy is the clearing of the remains of dead cells. These are burned, the energy gained is fed into the cell metabolism and supports cell renewal. Spermidine is a central control element of this molecular waste incinerator. The ongoing exchange of aged cells for new ones, i.e. tissue renewal, is also an important prerequisite for longevity. Autophagy is thus regarded as an essential mechanism of tissue renewal - and spermidine is at the heart of this process.

Spermidin and Spermin

A look at the molecular level shows that spermidine and its sister molecule spermine play a central role in the synthesis of DNA (important for cell division) and RNA (important for protein synthesis) through their interaction with acidic phosphate groups. Spermine and spermidine themselves are themselves subject to very rapid metabolism due to the importance of this central regulatory function, meaning that they are built up in a very short time but also broken down immediately. For this reason, Brain Metabolics products do not contain spermidine itself, which is metabolized very quickly, but instead supply the cells with the necessary starting substances to support production on site as needed. This is to achieve a significantly better bioavailability of spermidine and spermine.

The action of resveratrol in the processes described above goes hand in hand with that of spermine and spermidine through the activation of sirtuin-1 (Science, 2013; 339: 1216-1219). Resveratrol also has a direct neuroprotective effect both through the activation of SIRT-1 and through its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects (Gomes et al., Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2018; 2018: 8152373.) In addition, resveratrol also plays an important role in switching metabolism to increased fat burning and in this way may contribute to weight loss.

Vitamin B6 and zinc are other important building blocks of the spermidine precursor complex and support the aforementioned metabolic activities in the nervous system.



Brain Metabolics Drive


Type Exotic

Drive Drops with their pleasant exotic fruity taste accompany you through the day. They are always the right choice when you feel exhausted or need an energy boost. In the handy box you have the chewable tablets always at hand.


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Brain Metabolics Drive

Instant Mix

Type Lemon balm-Ginseng

In addition to the typical ingredients of the Drive line, Drive Instant Mix Type Melissa-Ginseng contains valuable plant extracts that give it a refreshing taste. The instant mix is easy to prepare with cold or warm water, depending on taste. The drink is especially popular as a refreshment in the morning or during a mid-day relaxation break.


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