Brain Metabolics products should be as uncomplicated as possible and adapted to individual needs. For this reason, the products of the various product lines are each offered in different forms and flavors as drops (for chewing or sucking), instant mix for making drinks and as powder sticks for sweetening.

All application forms of all product lines receive the basic components of the product line. Both the application form itself and the addition of specific further components are intended to further optimize the application.


Through the various product lines Basic, Drive and Balance, mixtures of components that support different metabolic pathways and activate the transporters at the blood-brain barrier are provided in the form of chewable tablets. Dextrose as a carrier substance also serves as an additional energy supplier. Drops are an uncomplicated and readily available form of ingestion at any time.


Powdersticks were developed to enable the absorption of the BM-typical ingredients also via food or beverages to be sweetened. The special feature of the Powdersticks - as a sweetener - is their additional calorie-saving effect. Each stick contains 2 g of dextrose and the active components of the Basic product line. The sweetening power is equal to that of about a teaspoon of sugar, but the calorie count is only half.

Powdersticks mix very well with water, tea or homemade lemonades. Coffee sweetened with Powdersticks should be drunk quickly.


Instant Mix

Brain Metabolics Instant Mix products were developed to make Brain Metabolics also available as a drink. The product-typical ingredients are combined with proven products from herbal science. This results in additional positive properties, such as an activating or a calming effect, in addition to their contribution to a normal function of the nervous system. The instant mixtures can be used in a variety of ways, depending on taste. In the simplest case, they can be mixed with cold or warm water, or even in soda water. Other creative solutions are also possible. Positive side effect is the hydration of the body.

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